Credits Blockchain Startup Announces New Company Development Directions

Credits Blockchain Startup Announces New Company Development ...

The Credits project, a worldwide company engaged in the development of solutions based on blockchain technologies, has recently announced the release of a new line of products. The new developments will be released over the course of 2020 and will help in popularizing blockchain technologies.

The decentralized, distributed ledger capabilities of blockchain technologies are increasingly gaining popularity across the world in a variety of industries. However, multiple economy sectors that can take advantage of the solutions offered by blockchain-based products are still reluctant to start the process of adoption, or are slow in making headway.

Despite the slump in global economy forecasts, blockchain-based fintech products are proving to be the most important trend of 2020. The Credits platform is fully committed to the development of fintech products for catering to a variety of sectors operating with monetary transfers.

The main products being developed by the Credits project for the fintech industry include the following:

1) The Credits Wallet is a convenient and all-in-one solution with an integrated delegation and staking functions. The given features allow users to stake their native CS coins and earn passive income, while the delegation feature allows them to delegate their funds. The wallet boasts a convenient interface and is designed for the B2C market, as well as private users.

2) The Bonoox platform is a specialized instrument that allows users of the Credits infrastructure to release and issue their own loyalty programs. The platform caters to businesses of any size and offers instant payouts, as well as exchange of bonus points.

3) Credits also issues Cards that can be used for payments worldwide in a variety of fiat and cryptocurrencies. The cards issued by Credits can be topped up using both debit or credit cards from anywhere in the world.

4) The Credits Stablecoin is a digital asset with its value pegged to the US Dollar at a 1:1 ratio in the company’s bank account. The asset can be used for global remittances and allows fast transfers, as well as easy conversion to fiat.

“I am confident that products issued by Credits have a great future. The fast-growing e-commerce, fintech and blockchain markets are certain to be successful,” as stated by Igor Chugunov, the CEO of Credits.

The full line of products offered by the company are available at updated website. The development team is confident that the introduction of its new line of products will have a favorable impact on the fintech industry and will contribute to the adoption of blockchain technologies worldwide