Comment How tech employers can attract top talent

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming more and more mainstream as firms race to become leaders in innovation. However, the future of AI has many wary that their jobs will be taken away as a result of the automation that this technology affords.

Using AI can be more time and cost efficient than using a human worker, but in reality, most jobs will not be taken over by robots. This concern is not totally unjustified, though, as many of the jobs we know today will look different tomorrow. 

The truth is that humans working together with AI will ultimately create the most effective results. This creates a great opportunity for the more digital-savvy workforce of the future, especially those with technological specialties and areas of focus, to step into new opportunities. 

As this new generation enters the workforce, their place in tech jobs will be critical in shaping and maintaining the jobs of the future. As a result, most firms will be looking for technology-focused graduates to transform their vision into reality. 

The benefits here are clear – but in an increasingly competitive environment, what are some things that technology employers should consider to attract top talent?


Prospective technology employees want to feel empowered by their employers. Rather than feeling like one part of a machine, with one repetitive job, employees want to have the freedom to explore new ideas, to feel a sense of ownership over their work, be inspired by their colleagues and managers, and be afforded the opportunity to grow their knowledge and skill sets. 

As such, an employer needs to empower their staff in all of these areas, rather than making them feel hindered or simply left to stagnate in a junior position. Companies therefore should offer dedicated training and personal development plans, as well as the opportunity for one-to-one mentorship.


Successful businesses know that new ideas can come from anyone in the room – no matter how junior or senior. Of course, that also goes for different types of people. With technology being an industry that has historically had challenges in diversity, it is important for businesses to invest in their company culture and diversity initiatives. 

Diversity isn’t just about the make-up of the team, though; businesses need to have initiatives in place to create a workplace that is diverse in its people and its ideas. The employer’s values need to resonate with their ideal candidates, as well as offering a fair, honest and inclusive environment that employees feel connected to.


Applicants will also be looking for businesses that show real innovation, as this is another key characteristic of a positive tech job environment. Being an innovative employer means more than just getting new joiners involved in the coolest initiatives or including them in a game-changing project; It is also about helping employees grow in their career and pursue their drive for excellence. 

In an innovative company, employees will not only want their skill sets challenged, but will also be presented with opportunities that are only limited by their ambitions and the work they feel passionate about. A business that meets all of these criteria will be able to keep their employees’ skill sets fresh, while also giving them the chance to work on exciting new developments as they emerge.